Roho Mosaic Cushion- best wheelchair cushion brand?

Measuring 18 by 16 the Roho Mosaic Cushion is a great cushion from Roho one of the well-known cushion makers. It is very comfortable and functional. It also provides a stable sitting. A friend of mine used it across the pond to London and had no problem inflating and deflating at the end of the flight. He says that it also compacts into a small package that will not take space in your luggage. He also came up with a trick- inflate it just slightly so it cradles your behind.

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Roho Mosaic Cushion
It is very easy to operate. After you pump the cushion with air you close the nozzle. Go ahead sit down and then open the nozzle to let out air until you reach your preferred comfort level.

However note that the Roho Mosaic cushion is not recommended for those with pressure sores. (Click here for best wheelchair cushion for pressure sores). It should also not be used by those who are susceptible to skin breakdown.
It has 3 interconnected air cells which you can set up and inflate or adjust quite easily. It has a hand turn valve.
Weighing at only 1pound it is easy to handle and transport
We like the fact that it has a reusable washable cover
It comes with 12 month warranty.

Customer reviews

This cushion gets very high 4.5 out of 5 stars- buyers are not usually that generous with praise. Says one customer “I actually wasn’t looking for a cushion until i sat in my co-workers chair to fix something on her computer. She had told me about it and where to order. This thing is the real deal, you’re able to adjust exactly how much air you want in the thing so your ass can melt into the seat or you can sit all propped up like the queen of England. You’re going to be happy with this thing!”
Another verified purchaser says “We are very pleased with this product. For anyone who must sit for long periods of time, this is the perfect product.”

Says another customer “This air pillow is great for a wheelchair. Cushioning is great & it is very comfortable to use. Would purchase again if needed.”


The only problem we have with this cushion us that sometimes it does not slide easily so that can be an issue for a person who is too mobile.
This cushion is well priced for $74. Click here to see today’s special price. While there are cheaper options, the Roho brand comes at a premium. It is one of most popular cushions in the market. If you think you have early signs of bedsores, don’t wait get it. Use this cushion on a wheel chair or on long car trips. This is way better than the gel and air cushions.